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Pyrmont, Sydney




Phillipa Signorelli


Alexandra Carnovale


Tracey Troung


Yazzen Media

The “Power of Pleats” is inspired by the crisp structured lines seen in architecture and is a complete look that is high fashion and sleek with a futuristic edge. Influenced by the prominent lines seen in city buildings, the design seeks to achieve a unique shape and proportion that diverges from traditional silhouettes seen in womenswear.a piece that has a three-dimensional feel through ‘exaggerated proportions and swooping angles and particular attention to construction and shapes.’ (Stewart, 2017)

The concept is made up of 3 fashion forward items. Through the incorporation of a structured mini skirt and detachable overskirt with strong layered pleating it creates repetition and experiments with proportion. I have paired this with a cropped slim fit tank style t-shirt that has the same pleating along the arm holes as well as along the back of the top, adding texture and enhancing innovation. As a whole the design highlights the female silhouette and is a functional fashion item which can be worn in a range of ways. Pleating and asymmetrical lines are current trends included in the design to adhere to features seen in fashion today.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.07.27 am.png

The innovative fabrics used such as the deep grey metallic satin taffeta and the cotton elastane blend fabric collaborate in order to achieve a cohesive and futuristic look.​

The design is multipurpose and can be worn as a mini skirt with or without the overskirt, making it a sustainable piece of fashion that can be styled in different varieties for any occasion. This look is targeted towards the next generation and women between 16-23 who want a stylish statement piece in their wardrobe. The look is high class and could be seen in retailers such as Parlour X and Revolve.




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