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Blakehurst, NSW




Phillipa Signorelli


Nicola Kery


Imogen Ovijach


Yazzen Media

‘‘Je Suis...’’ French for ‘‘I am’’ and resplendent meaning ‘‘attractive and impressive through being richly colourful’’ merge to create the concept of one being bold and confident. Inspired by the intricate structured details of the Eiffel Tower’s architecture, and a hint of ballet, the collection is daring and powerful, prompting the wearer to attain a fearless persona.

The striking colours communicate strong feminine energy, which cohesively and harmoniously work to make a bold statement. The range of on trend colours used are fresh and are ‘a youthful and sweet blend which effortlessly connotes feelings of delight’ (Moject, 2022). The collection targets women aged between 16-23 years old who are seeking a stylish wardrobe that incorporates a chic mixture of luxury and complementary colours and patterns. Aimed at the girl who is firece yet delicate - someone optimistic and fresh.

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The look is made up of two fashion forward and high end pieces which use a quality fabrics that incorporate a stunning variety of prints, reflecting the vibrant colour palette applied to the design. Through taking inspiration from the Eiffel Towers structure which connotes “romanticism and elegance, the landmark has become a character in its own right, communicating modernity and avant-garde.” (Salmi 2021) Bringing architecture to life with a splash of chaos from the diverse use of patterns allows for the look to be elevated further.


An aspect of ballet has also been used as influence in the design of the dress through the structured panels that project from the dress as well as the baby doll silhouette which almost mimics a tutu. “The evolution of the tutu was designed to show off the legs” (Thopre, 2022), a feature of the propeller dress which highlights and lengthens the legs.


Moreover, the dress incorporates an exclusive original print design made through contrasting objects while focusing on anomalies. The sleek cropped roll collar jacket made of an orange crinkle vinyl is young and current, a staple item which adds edge to the design. The look is sustainable as the pieces can be worn together or individually depending on the consumers preference.



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