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BLOOM explores the relationship between the natural world and the manmade: the creative collision of nature, art and architecture. The collection focuses on being high fashion, innovative and sustainable, heavily influenced by the inner beauty of natural flowers such as orchids, pulled roses and peonies, which consist of soft and organic shapes. 

Through this fusion, the inspiration of art allows for expression and the ability to bring emotion and movement to life while “fostering creativity and being an outlet for self-expression” (Kumar, 2022). The collection is feminine yet bold, targeted at women aged between 17-26 years old looking for elevated and sculptural statement pieces that are stylish for their wardrobe. 

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BLOOM is aimed at the experiencer, someone up to date with fashion, spontaneous and sociable, a sensation seeker and goes against the mainstream. Ultimately, the girl who wants to feel confident for each occasion and loves the luxuries in life, willing to pay for quality products that are unique yet sustainable.

Moreover, the collection aims to highlight the structural elegance of architecture, honing in on lines and directions seen in various structures such as the Arc de Triomphe, which has heavily inspired the silhouette of the hero body of the collection. 

The collection has a fresh and blossoming feel, aiming the wearer to immerse themselves in a realm that merges architectural shapes, intricate textures, and vivid colours to create a harmonious fusion of elegance, edge and movement.  The pink based colour palette, “a hue ever related to power, creativity, and individuality” (Celeste, 2021), is dreamy and whimsical transporting the wearer into an enchanted world when worn.

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The qualities of wool mimic the collection with its versatile abilities to hold sculptural and structured shapes inspired by architecture. It also possesses the capability to be soft and delicate, like the petals of flowers in nature. Wool is able to captivate the multi-dimensional elaborate designs and communicate the strong feminine essence and energy due to   the properties being perfect for moulding unique shapes.


BLOOM explores how being in nature allows us to detach from the chaos of reality, being “the perfect place to focus on ourselves while taking in and enjoying the beauty around us”  (Mun-Delsalle, 2021)



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